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  • Airbags

    AirbagsAirbags have saved thousands of lives and prevented countless serious injuries. But they can kill a small child, particularly if the passenger is too close to the airbag. – More Information

  • Arson

    ArsonAt least half of all fires are started by kids and teenagers. There are steps you can take to reduce the chances your home becomes an arson target. – More Information

  • Auto Accident

    Auto AccidentSooner or later, most of us will be involved in an auto accident. Review what to do after a crash. – More Information

  • Automobile Theft

    Automobile Theft30 seconds is all an experienced thief needs to break into your car and steal something inside, attached to the car or the entire vehicle. Simple deterrents make your car a less desireable target. – More Information

  • Back to School

    Back to SchoolTheft is the number one campus crime. Make sure your children are aware of all the different risks. – More Information

  • Boat Theft

    Boat TheftOver 1,000 boats are stolen every month. Make yours too difficult or risky to steal. – More Information

  • Booster Seats

    Booster SeatsMany kids are too big for car seats but not yet big enough for seat belts. Unintentional injury and death to young children can be greatly reduced by booster seats. – More Information

  • Car Break Down Safety

    Car Break Down SafetyStaying inside your car can be the difference between a vehicle break down inconvenience and tragedy. – More Information

  • Child Proofing Your Home

    Child Proofing Your HomeMillions of infants and children are injured each year in in-home accidents and thousands die. Take a few precautions around your house for the sake of your children or visiting kids. – More Information

  • CLUE

    CLUEReports about prior losses to homes are used by insurers and can be used by home buyers to learn more about the condition of a home. CLUE and other reports can be provided to help you learn about future insurance costs, an important component of monthly home cost. – More Information

  • College Students Credit

    College Students CreditHow do you become a credit savvy college student? Part of the answer is coming up with a responsible plan for credit card use. – More Information

  • Credit Based Insurance Scores

    Credit Based Insurance ScoresGood money and credit management mean lower insurance rates. Different companies use credit based insurance scores differently; we represent many companies and can find the best fit for your score. – More Information

  • Dog Liability

    Dog LiabilityAggressive behavior by your dog could cost you money. Training and conditioning can help avoid a lawsuit. – More Information

  • Driving With Trucks

    Driving With TrucksSharing the road with trucks: knowing what big rig drivers can see and how long it takes them to stop or turn their tractor trailer will help you avoid a crash. – More Information

  • Evacuaton: The 10 Minute Challenge

    Evacuaton: The 10 Minute ChallengePlanning is the key to getting everything you need and getting out in the event you are forced to leave your home in an emergency evacuation. – More Information

  • Fire Prevention

    Fire PreventionSmoke detectors are an inexpensive but vital first line of defense in fire protection. – More Information

  • Five Steps to Make Your Home More Hurricane Resistant

    Five Steps to Make Your Home More Hurricane ResistantFive basic protective measures you should take to minimize damage from storm winds and rain. – More Information

  • Flood Insurance For Your Home

    Flood Insurance For Your HomeFlood insurance is not part of a standard homeowner policy but it is affordable and easy to obtain. – More Information

  • Flooded Cars

    Flooded CarsFlood damaged cars, with their damage history illegally hidden, show up in the used car market. Protect yourself from fraud. – More Information

  • Grill Safety

    Grill SafetyMost fires and explosions happen during that first use of the season. Inspect the grill for safety first and exercise a few precautions. – More Information

  • Hackers

    HackersE-Commerce business insurance provides protection for business, data loss and other damages but there are several things you can do so your business isn’t victimized. – More Information

  • Home Business

    Home BusinessWho needs home business insurance and why? – More Information

  • How Can Children Avoid Dog Bites?

    How Can Children Avoid Dog Bites?60% of the 4 million dog bites each year happen to children. Teach a child how to avoid being bitten. – More Information

  • Inline Skating Safety

    Inline Skating SafetyThe most serious inline skating accidents involve drivers and the most frequent are falls without the proper protective gear. – More Information

  • Jet Ski Safety

    Jet Ski SafetyRider error is the cause of most jet ski injuries and deaths and the majority involve younger operators. Rules and responsibilities that apply to other boaters also apply to jet skis. – More Information

  • Lawn Mower Safety

    Lawn Mower SafetySafety reminders for experienced and new operators of lawn mowers. – More Information

  • Mold

    MoldMost mold is harmless but control of mold should be a concern. Learn how to control mold and how your insurance may respond to mold damage. – More Information

  • My Financial House Software

    My Financial House SoftwareFree, downloadable software for a comprehensive picture or update of your financial situation ( – More Information

  • My Financial House Software (Spanish)
  • New College Graduates

    New College GraduatesOne of the shocks of leaving the safe haven of campus and parental stewardship is the cost and need for different kinds of insurance. – More Information

  • Preventing Losses

    Preventing LossesRoutine home maintenance can help avoid costly insurance losses – and losses that aren’t covered by insurance. – More Information

  • Preventing Trees From Falling

    Preventing Trees From FallingDamaged and diseased trees and dead branches contribute to storm damages. In most cases your homeowner policy will reimburse you for damage from falling trees or flying branches but you can avoid the loss and danger. – More Information

  • Protecting Your Roof From Hail

    Protecting Your Roof From HailRoofing and re-roofing with impact resistant shingles can save you time, trouble and money. – More Information

  • Rental Car Insurance

    Rental Car InsuranceMost personal auto policies cover rental car use. But exactly what is covered and when varies. – More Information

  • Renters Insurance

    Renters InsuranceRenters need insurance just like homeowners do. What kind and how much? – More Information

  • Replacement Auto Parts

    Replacement Auto PartsGeneric auto parts that are independently by the Certified Automotive Parts Association are equivalent to or superior to original parts and can greatly reduce repair insurance costs. – More Information

  • Road Rage

    Road RageAggressive driving means different things to different people. Don’t leave your driving behavior open to interpretation and become a victim of road rage. – More Information

  • School Bus Safety

    School Bus SafetyBefore your child gets on the school bus for the first time there are a few things you should teach them. – More Information

  • Shopping Cart Safety

    Shopping Cart SafetyA fall from an unattended shopping cart can cause injuries as serious as those sustained in a car accident. Learn how to keep your child safe. – More Information

  • Swimming Pool Safety

    Swimming Pool SafetyOne of the most important pool safety measures re barriers to keep unsupervised toddlers and young child away from the water. Many pool tragedies can be prevented. – More Information

  • Teenage Driver

    Teenage DriverGraduated driving privileges may be the biggest single weapon in reducing teen driver fatalities. – More Information

  • Teens and Prom Drunk Driving

    Teens and Prom Drunk DrivingProm time is an especially dangerous time for teen drivers. Plan ahead for safe transportation or to remove opportunities to be on the road. – More Information

  • Trampoline Safety

    Trampoline SafetyTens of thousands of children are rushed to the emergency room each year with trampoline injuries. Common sense and a few precautions will go a long way to keeping kids safe. – More Information

  • Underinsurance

    UnderinsuranceUnderinsurance – too little insurance protection to replace a home – is something that should be explored before a loss. Learn why you may not have enough insurance and what to do about it. – More Information

  • Uninsured Motorists

    Uninsured MotoristsWhat can you do to protect yourself from drives who don’t carry insurance? Despite state laws requiring insurance, uninsured motorists are a fact of life. – More Information

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Valentine's Day GiftsJewelry – whether new or an heirloom – needs special insurance protection. Find out what your options are. – More Information

  • Water Damage

    Water DamageWater can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. A regular home maintenance plan is a good way to avoid problems. – More Information

  • Wedding Insurance

    Wedding InsuranceWedding plans don’t always go according to plan, often putting $3,000 – $6,000 in non-refundable deductibles at risks. What can insurance do for you before and after the wedding? – More Information

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