Insurance for Construction and Contractors in Washington

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Every construction business – in fact every job entails different business risks, and you need an insurance and risk management program that measures up to all the twists and turns your business might take. You need special insurance to insure your tools and equipment, not only while they are at different job sites, but while they are being moved around. You may not think of yourself as a designer or architect, but contract terms and joint ventures can put you in a position where you pick up liabilities that might normally be associated with design.

Then there is OSHA and Workers Compensation Insurance compliance, pollution liability, and bonding. The team here at Griffin MacLean Insurance Brokers can help you sort it all out, and maximize your time on the job – because that's where you make money. Let us keep you at work on the job site by helping you sort through the business insurance options we can provide your construction business.

About Our Specialists:

The Griffin MacLean Insurance Brokers Construction and Contractors Insurance team has worked with constructions workers and contractors since 1981 throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest

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