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Standard homeowner policies are great for most homes, but they usually don't include the amount or types of insurance coverage owners of luxury homes require. Insurance company claim adjustors, who routinely see insurance claims on more average homes, often don't develop the expertise necessary to properly estimate and settle claims on customized homes of high value. That's why Griffin MacLean Insurance Brokers represents several insurance companies that specialize in insuring elite homes. We understand the importance of appraisals, coverage, and claim service when expensive assets are involved.

Griffin MacLean Insurance Brokers has provided the specialized coverage and service high valued homeowners need Since 1981

Here are just a few of the considerations that are unique to luxury houses and require custom insurance protection and specialized service:

  • Custom Construction
  • Custom Materials
  • Valuable Jewelery
  • Unique and Valuable Paintings, Sculptures, Prints and Other Fine Arts
  • Collectibles
  • Important Papers and Documents

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