What to do after a car accident

  1. Immediately following an accident, make sure that no one is injured, either a passenger in your car, in other vehicles, and don’t forget about pedestrians or others who may have been nearby.

  2. Move to a place of safety, away from traffic.

  3. Do not admit fault, no matter the accident circumstances, and do not discuss the accident with anyone other than your insurance company and the police.

  4. If there are no police on the scene, call them to file a report, even if the accident takes place in a parking lot or seems minor.

  5. Get instructions from the police on how to obtain a copy of the accident report.

  6. Record the accident details, including place, time of day, and description of damages to your vehicle, other vehicles, and other property. (TIP: use your smart phone camera to take pictures of damage)

  7. Get this information from the other driver(s) and anyone else involved:

    Phone Number
    Drivers License Number (for drivers involved)
    License Plate State and Number (state involved)
    VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) – often on a metal plate on the dash or driver’s side door frame
    (TIP: use your smart phone camera to take pictures of license plates, drivers licenses and the accident scene from multiple perspectives)

  8. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible with the information above, as well as your own drivers’ license and vehicle license information.

  9. If you need any help or guidance Please Contact Us.

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