Hurricane/Flood Disaster Supply Kit

Download Hurricane/Flood Disaster Supply Kit (Excel) (Open Office*) (PDF)

Quantity Item Comments
1 gallon per day per person
Enough to last 3 to 7 days
Enough to last 3 to 7 days
Non-perishable foods only – dry or canned. Enough to last 3 to 7 days
1Manual Can Opener
  Paper plates 
 First Aid Kit
Antiseptic, assortment of bandages, pain reducer such as ibuprofen, tweezers, safety pins, latex gloves
  Prescription and Other Drugs
  Toiletries/Hygiene Items
Water free hand cleaner or towlettes
Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets
  Seasonal Clothing
Rain gear, water proof work boots and gloves
Enough for 3 – 7 days for all devices
Have at least one back up flashlight
Battery powered
Banks and ATMS may not be open or accessible
  Toys, Games, Books
Children as well as adults need a way to pass the time without electricity
  Important Documents
Store important documents in a water tight pouch or container. Remember insurance papers, social security numbers, medical records, credit cards and bank account information, proof of residence (drivers license, e.g.)
  Pet Supplies
Leash, food, kennel, medication, bowls
Battery powered or wind up
For clean up and repair after the storm; hammer, utility knife, screwdrivers, shovel, crow bar, pliers
  Duct Tape
Quick repairs and instant waterproofing
  Common Nails
Quick repairs
  Plastic Sheeting or Tarps
To cover holes and minimize water damage
  Contact Information
Phone numbers and email addresses for those you need to contact post storm
  Mosquito Repellent
Include citronella candles
  Plastic Trash Bags
  Wooden Matches

Download Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit (Excel) (Open Office*) (PDF)
OpenOffice can be downloaded for free at

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